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 This site has been set up for the iPod Touch Implementation at "Thebarton Senior College" in Adelaide, South Australia (OZ).

This site contains all the links for the
"iPod Touch Journey"

Click to go to the wiki. (More pictures included)

This activity is based around using several apps and going on a journey of learning.

It could be adapted for any subject or curriculum area.

Brief: Complete the activities and then write up your answers- see Part 7. We will then share our findings with the group.

iPod Touch Apps Needed:
Google Earth (free) Download from App Store


Google Maps
(already on iPod)

Google Latitude (web app)

Wikipanion (free) Download from App Store


Blanks (free) Download from App Store

Stanza (free) Download from App Store

- Japanese, German or French (Research on App Store and choose one to Download).

Step Trak Lite (free) Download from App Store

Evernote (free) Download from App Store

Tumblr (free) Download from App Store

The last page is feedback relating to the "iPod Touch Journey".

Email or send a message below:
Graham Taylor
Megan Iemma:

 1) Google Earth and Maps
 2) Local Research on Adelaide
 3) Measurement Task
 4) Reading Task
 5) Translation of Basic Phrases
 6) Health and Well-being
 7) Blogging about your journey
 Feedback for iTouch Journey